The Epicurious Guide to the Very Best Gin and Tonic

You’ll be able to in all probability make a gin and tonic in your sleep, which suggests this simple cocktail is nearly supreme for placing collectively on a scorching day (or after a difficult one). However even the best combo—we’re simply speaking G plus T right hereincludes some selections, and there are methods to make the drink you’re consuming tonight even higher. Let’s stroll by way of them.

The fizz

Crucial ingredient in a G&T shouldn’t be actually the gin and even the tonic. It’s carbonation. All too usually, gin and tonics shortly lose their bubbles, changing into what a pal of mine calls “sweet-bitter booze water.” No person needs that.

What are you able to do to keep away from the lack of carbonation? First, chill all of your substances upfront. “Carbon dioxide leaves hotter liquids quicker,” says Boston bartender Fred Yarm, “and bubble retention is every little thing.” John deBary, creator of Drink What You Need, explains it this manner: “The hotter one thing is, the extra readily the fuelthat’s, the bubbles—comes out of answer.” Cool that gin within the freezer in the event you can, and positively don’t crack open a giant room-temp bottle of tonic—stash single-serving bottles or cans in your fridge, and open a recent, chilly one simply whenever you’re able to pour it. If in case you have area in your fridge or freezer, chill your glassware, too.

San Francisco bartender Meryll Cawn agrees that the objective is the fizziest G&T attainable, and shares this recommendation: “Purchase tonics with larger strain and extra carbonation.” You learn that appropriately: not all fizzy liquids have the identical stage of fizz to start with. Q Tonic’s promotional supplies promote a carbonation stage of 4.5 volumes of CO2, carefully adopted by Fever Tree, whereas they are saying Schweppes is available in round one quantity much less.

Since fizz dissipates over time, you may also take into account making smaller drinks (say, splitting one small bottle of tonic between two drinkers) and beginning the following spherical with a recent, bubbly can or bottle. Or you may drink full-size cocktails and easily take Cawn’s different piece of recommendation: “Drink it shortly.”

Order and ratio

The way you pour your gin and tonic may also have an effect on that fizz. Many bartenders begin making a G&T by pouring within the gin, piling on the ice, then including the tonic. There’s stable reasoning behind this: sugar-laden tonic water is denser and heavier than gin, so it’ll sink down into the gin and primarily combine itself in with out stirring. (Agitation can pop the valuable bubbles in your drink.)

However deBary recommends what he calls “the soda sandwich”: fill the glass with ice, then pour a little bit of tonic on the backside, adopted by the gin, after which the remainder of the tonic on high. To my tastebuds, this yields a extra well-mixed drink. “It’s an environment friendly solution to combine the drink by way of layering and pouring, reasonably than by stirring, which is a bit rougher,” deBary explains.

How a lot gin? How a lot tonic? You’re doubtless eyeballing this drink, and looking out to make use of your full mini-bottle or can of tonic. However one half booze to a few elements tonic is an efficient place to start out. (You’ll be able to obtain this by pouring about half your little bottle into the ice-filled glass, adopted by two ounces gin, then the remainder of the bottle.) Some gin lovers let the spirit shine through the use of rather less tonic; followers of day-drinking typically goal for a lower-alcohol drink, with round one half booze to 4 elements tonic.

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